If you’ve never engaged a designer before, here’s a basic rundown of what to expect.


1. We meet. It’s free.

In person if possible. Or Skype, or on the phone. It’s important that we get a good feel for your business and needs upfront, and speaking directly with you saves a lot of time in the long run. We first discuss:

  • The scope of work
  • Overview of requirements
  • Your business aims


2. It’s all in the preparation.

Come prepared for questions! Our brief needs to cover both the nitty-gritty of current challenges and needs, and your broader aims for the project. We ask our clients to think about the following before we meet up:

  • Who are you talking to?
  • What impression do you want to give? What’s most important?
  • What is the mood or tone?
  • How do you want your customers to contact you?


3. Formal brief and quote.

We respond within a few days with your brief and a written estimate which breaks down the overall costs and timing. You will need to approve our quote before any work can commence.


4. Then we design.

Once the brief and quote are approved, we need to do a lot of groundwork: research, design, building concepts, and preparing a presentation. Usually we’re already brimming with ideas! Consideration of colour, form, typography, and impact create our design response. Quick turnaround work can take just hours, while complex branding work takes longer.


5. Present first concepts.

We present the first round of ideas to you either in person or via email. Having been in the design business so long, we know that presenting our ideas as hard-copy mockups gets quicker buy-in from clients. This helps your committee or department visualise concepts better and get collective approval faster.


6. Further fine tuning.

Flexibility is essential for fine-tuning recommendations. We listen to your views, take feedback, and undertake revisions where necessary. This stage is a polish to the first draft and achieves a result everybody is happy with.


7. Approval.

Once drafting is complete, you must sign off on our design work. This is where we implement your image and where budget scrutiny is vital to control costs. The detail is examined: who will print or host the job? Paper, stock and quality is decided and delivery point of the final materials is agreed upon, by a certain time.


8. Production.

You sign off final soft or hard copy proofs, and we go into production. Our knowledge of production processes ensures that no mistakes are made at this crucial stage. We help oversee production to ensure that the result we all agreed on is the one you’re going to get.


9. Delivery and results.

The final job is delivered! Whether printed or uploaded, a good design communicates well to your audience, differentiates your product, and drives your business forward.


So, can we help you?

Email Geronimo to talk about branding and design for your business.