About Us

Since 1997, Geronimo has helped brands get their message out there – from printed brochures and website design to large-scale outdoor signage and brand management.

With experience and insight, our studio works with you to develop the design you need long-term for your business. Our decades of developing close, reliable supplier networks across print, digital, production and packaging is how we get you there.

The result: a well-considered design that gives your brand longevity.

Emma Stewart, Geronimo founder and Creative Director

Geronimo’s services include:

  • BRANDING AND IDENTITY: Logo design, branding and corporate identity graphics, visual identity.
  • BRAND MANAGEMENT: Style guidelines, design rollout for existing brands, caretaking design.
  • PRINT: Magazine and publication design, album covers, packaging, invitations, print advertising.
  • DIGITAL: Website design, web navigation, online advertising design, digital signage and advertising design.
  • SIGNAGE: Exhibition signage, outdoor signage, digital signage, wayfinding design, shop signage, vehicle signage, vehicle wrap design, and design for all indoor and outdoor spaces, environments and formats.
  • ADVERTISING: Print and digital. Posters, postcards, banners, point-of-sale pieces, flyers, mail-outs, visual campaigns and concepts.

For our process, see here for a detailed overview of how we do it.

Contact Geronimo and get your long-term business goals underway.