People will look at your brand and make some decisions. Often this process is subconscious; the details are not as important as how it feels. It must feel ‘right’. A strong corporate identity tells people what you do when you aren’t around to speak to your client directly.

So, we create the visual expression of your business and what it stands for.



Starting with the logo, we design all the supporting brand materials that create your image and feel just right to your clients. Successful companies regularly re-evaluate their corporate image. They ask whether it still speaks to their audience and is still relevant to industry trends and forecasts.


As well as creating new brand identities, we refresh existing brands to adapt to your changing needs.

Maybe you have a logo you’re perfectly happy with, but think it needs something new. Even if you don’t want to completely reinvent all your existing branding, there’s often a way to refresh what you already have. We create logos that feel ‘right’ for your brand.



We get your brand message out there, big and small… and our client list has some names you might recognise.
To reinvent or refresh your brand identity, contact Geronimo.